Oudh Agarwood Oud wood – $3800/kg

Oudh Agarwood (Aquilaria spp.) (ORDER NOW) fragrance and its origin in stress make it probably the most suitable model to study stress-induced aroma. Production being confined only to certain small pockets of South and Southeast Asia, agarwood is arguably the costliest wood in the world. Formation of fragrant agarwood resin is the outcome of complex biotic, abiotic, and physical stress on the Aquilaria trees. The intricate mechanism by which some 150 odd fragrant molecules that constitute agarwood aroma is formed is still not clearly understood. The present review therefore aims to bring to focus this less known but highly valuable stress-induced aroma from Asia. Discussions on agarwood species, occurrence, distribution, formation, and products have been included as foundation. Although global trade in agarwood and its products is estimated at US$6 billion to US$8 billion, no reliable data are readily available in literature. Therefore, an effort has been made to review the current status of agarwood trade. The element of stress and its correlation to agarwood aroma is discussed in the subsequent sections. Natural agarwood formation as well as technologies and interventions in agarwood induction are stress-based (natural and artificial injury, insect and fungal attack, chemical induction). The molecular triggers are gradually coming to light as new studies are implicating jasmonate, LOX signaling, and other stress reaction routes as the source of agarwood aroma. This review therefore has strived to compile the information that is scattered across scientific as well as other authentic literature and update the reader on the current status. More information about the specific roles of other vital stressors like insects, abiotic, and genetic factors is eagerly awaited from ongoing and future research to further understand the unique fragrance of agarwood.




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Oudh Agarwood Value

The value of first-grade Agarwood is extremely high. A wide array of products of different grades is available on the market, varying with geographical location and cultural deposition. Prices range from a few dollars per kilo for the lowest quality to over fifty thousand US dollars for top quality oil and resinous wood. Aquilaria crassna is listed as a critically endangered species in Viet Nam, and A. malaccensis is listed as vulnerable by the World Conservation Union, IUCN.

Agarwood Extinction

Resin-producing agarwood trees are endangered throughout their known habitat all across Southeast Asia. The main driving force, which initiated this project, was the recognition of unsustainable Aquilaria harvesting in natural forests that resulted in the near extinction of this tree genus in Viet Nam and elsewhere. Aquilaria crassna is now a protected species in Viet Nam. Trade and harvesting restrictions will be virtually impossible to implement and enforce if no alternative is developed to forest-based harvesting. In addition, both in the short and long-term, a natural resource base needs to be maintained to supply present and future Aquilaria plantations with genetic source material in order to prevent plant decease, maintain diversity, and possibly improve resin production.

Oudh Agarwood Essential Oil – Oud Oil

Known also as Oud oil, agarwood is one of the most precious, rare and certainly most expensive essential oils in existence today. Agarwood is sometimes called Gaharu. The essential oil is derived from the heartwood of the agarwood tree. There are a number of popular species but typically aquilaria malaccensis, aquilaria agallocha or Aquilaria crassna are used to make the oil. Agarwood is native to India as well as several areas of South East Asia including Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia. Read More