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Dry Stock Fish Cod ( ORDER NOW ): We are wholesale suppliers and direct exporter of top quality cod stock fish ,Saithe ,Haddock , Tusk and ling of various sizes and we offer at the most competitive prices.

We packaged into 45kg or 50kg bales and cod heads without collarbone are packed into bags of 30kg..
Stockfish types that we offer are: tusk or brosme
– cod or torsk
– haddock or hyse
– saithe or sey
– ling or lange

As stockfish specializing exporter from USA and EU, all our fish typically originates from either Lofoten or Finnmark, which are the very northern regions of Norway. our aim is to meet the exact needs of our customers which is why we offer stockfish from a wide variety of fish species, in different sizes and quality grades.
as we are dedicated to supply products of the highest quality for the satisfaction of our customers, all our stockfish and frozen fish are approved and certified by the Norwegian food safety authority

The complete range of stockfish types that we offer are:
– cod or torsk
– haddock or hyse
– saithe or sey
– ling or lange
– tusk or brosme
We have all stockfish sizes available and personal taste usually dictates the preferred stockfish sizes. the sizes that we offer are:
– 20 / 40cm
– 30 / 50cm
– 40 / 60cm
– 50 / 70cm
– 60 / 80cm

Products nameDried salted Atlantic cod migas
Latin nameGadus Morhua
Available Size2×5kg bag,10×1kg tray,25×400g tray according to the customer’s request
ProcessingBoneless,Skinless, PBO

MINIMUM ORDER: 5 Metric Tons ( $8500 USD )



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How often do you eat stockfish? Do you have any substitute for stockfish? Did you know that stockfish is a high protein, low fat food that contains most essential nutrients needed for the body? Well, let’s see some winning facts we can tap from this article on what stockfish (Atlantic cod) is all about and what we can gain from eating this nutritious fish. 

Just a little bit of story about this fish, let me just quickly mention that there is no complete traditional African soup especially the Igbo part of Nigerian soup that is not prepared with dried stockfish. Any local soup without some bits of dried stockfish is always deemed incomplete in this part of the globe. In fact, including the dried stockfish seems to be a norm and long-lasting tradition passed on from one generation to the other.

Well, apart from being acknowledged as a long-standing tradition that appears to have been passed on from fore generations, its wide acceptance can equally be attributed to the distinctive taste obtained from this highly tasty and flavourful fish. The interesting part of this tradition is that this type of fish does not thrive in this part of the globe and as the name “Atlantic cod” suggests, it thrives mainly in the Western oceans such as the Atlantic ocean, Pacific ocean etc. But notwithstanding, the Igbos tend to eat this fish even far more than the people living in the continents where the fish is being captured from. Kudos to importation!

Stockfish is among the list of the foreign food products that are usually distributed across the country and this fish has been reported to be packed with several nutritional benefits, which support why it is essential to regularly include it in our diets. But it is just saddening that only barely few individuals are familiar with the importance of this great fish. Read more

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MINIMUM ORDER: 5 Metric Tons ( $8500 USD )